100 Pieces EZ Cartridges Revolution Tattoo Needles Assorted with 2 Aluminum Grips 2 Needle Bars Complete Kit

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EZ cartridge needles are disposable single-use
tattoo needle cartridges that allow tattoo artists to set up needles and switch needle configuration very quickly during tattooing process.
Compatible with all standard cartridge grips & machines.
Made of 316L surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic.
E.O. Pre-sterilized and packaged in sterile blister packs.
No allen keys required.

This Set includes: EZ-needle cartridge 100 PCS Mix sizes.
Package come with:
EZ-needle cartridge 100 PCS Mix sizes :
EZ-ACG25 Aluminum cartridge grip 25mm black or purple or red 2pcs, choose colour by randomly.
EZ-CNB cartridge needle bar 2pcs.EZ tattoo cartridge needles compatible with all standard cartridge grips & machines.
Safety membrane inside cartridges system, that stops ink from passing through to the tube.
Light clear colors tip body to easy tattooing and better visibility.
Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside. smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.
Comes with 2 tattoo cartridge grips, black or purple or red, choose colour by randomly and 2 cartridge needle bars, EZ brand box package.

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