1000 Tattoos: A Sourcebook of Designs for Body Decoration

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When you’re looking to tattoo, what design would you do? From intricate Celtic knotwork patterns and geometric tribal art to old-school flowers, skulls, and hearts, this chunky tattoo sourcebook has it all, with a vast range of ideas on a wide cross-section of themes. Before getting inked, check out 1000 possibilities, along with technical advice on reproducing the most intricate tattoos and safety tips before going under the needle. For those who want a trial run, there’s also information on using body paints and mehndi.

Use these images as inspiration to design your own tattoo, or trace and enlarge one directly from the page.

Find your ink inspiration here!
Discover 1000 tattoo images from a variety of themes including (but not limited to): tribal, fantasy, nature, and mehndi (henna) motifs!
Great for helping create your own design, or copy artwork straight from the book.
Offers tips on style, placement, creating your own designs, finding the perfect tattoo shop, and more.
5.75″ x 6.75″. Softcover. 510 pages.

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