5 Great Tattoo Fashion Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends: Body paint and Tattooing

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Particular designed drawing painted on the body is known as Tattoo. Tattoo artist are in great demand all over the world.

This is all about tattoo and design ideas. Tattoo is one form of paint on the body. The paint may be done with pigment, ink or special color.

You can say that it is one form of drawing or painting on body it may be temporary or permanent. Mostly it is done with certain kind of pigment, ink, color. In fast technological world, new and innovative technologies are also updating in this field.

Mostly Tattoo artist prefer to make it exclusive for business purpose. You can communicate symbol of leadership, creativity through it. Mostly boys prefer to cover arm with tattoo.

Presently it is also used as a part of fashion and style.
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