ALEX Spa Totally Tattoos Temporary Kit

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ALEX Spa totally tattoos is a temporary way to make a lasting impression! with 250 temporary tattoos, you can decorate yourself from head to toe or invite your whole Squad over for a day of beauty. With 4 tattoo themes, there’s something for everyone! candy pop are cutesy and cartoony tattoos of sweet treats; foil hair and body are tiny and shiny and can be applied anywhere, even your hair; watercolor tattoos celebrate nature and can be blurred just like watercolor paint; lace tattoos feature more detailed and artistic designs. Add details to your tattoos by adding stick-on gems or drawing on your skin with 5 colors of sketch & sparkle tattoo pens. Includes 32 candy pop tattoos, 12 watercolor tattoos, 13 lace tattoos, 108 metallic foil tattoos, 5 sketch & sparkle tattoo pens, 6 stencil stickers, 85 gem tattoos, sponge and easy instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.Temporary way to make a lasting impression
You and your Squad can apply no commitment Tats
Decorate with gems or go freestyle with the sketch & sparkle tattoo pens
Includes 57 tattoos, 108 foil tattoos, 85 gem tattoos, 6 stencil stickers, 5 sketch & sparkle tattoo pens, sponge and instructions
Recommended for children 8 years of age and older

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