Amareu Tattoo Ink – 7 Color Bottle 1 Ounce

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Amareu tattoo ink is safe and easy to use

Professional tattoo pigment creates smooth, vivid and long-lasting color,natural, small, fine and smooth,Strong penetration, easy coloring,Excellent coloring effect,Long lasting, not easy to fade.

Fit for professionals or amateurs,favored among professional tattoo artists

Create dynamic shades of various colors that lay easily into the skin

With 7 kinds of bright colors for random selection,Amareu pigment could not only be used with the manual tattoo pen, but also the machine.


* Each ink is triple-checked for pigment life, color consistency, and flow rate, ensuring every bottle passes Mom’s high standards before being shipped out. This ensures that all of Amareu tattoo inks are consistent with every purchase, regardless if it’s black, colored, or white tattoo ink.

* Amareu tattoo inks are made with a high concentration of pigment, giving your color tattoos a vibrant, rich look that is meant to hold long after healing. This diverse ink kit allows you to give your clients vibrant tattoos.

* A convenient twist-up cap on each bottle allows for effortless opening and closing, which ensures a smooth, easy pour and helps the bottle maintain spill resistance should it knocked over while the cap is open.

7 Colors including All Primary Colors,Bright and Vibrant Colors Such As Black Onyx, Monthly Red, Grey Hound, Power White, Blue Balls, Ectoplasmic Green, and Hello Yellow.
Sterilized for Safety,Easy Applicati, Ink colors Are Mixable,always keep Ink in a Cool & Dry Area
It is normal that tattoo ink may have some precipitation.Please shake it before using.
Made in USA,Sterilized&Sealed:Bright & Vibrant Long Lasting Tattooing Inks
Perfect for Beginner,Apprentice,or Professional Artists

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