BIGTEDDY – 200pcs Assorted Disposable Sterile Tattoo Needles Kit Steel Round Liner Shader Varied Sizes Supplies

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To remove needle:
1. Peel back the paper cover from plastic blister
2. Aviod humidity and high temperature for storage
3. Do not use if inside pakage is damaged

Length : (Approx.) 14.5cm

Needles type:
Round Liners(RL): 1RL / 3RL / 5RL / 7RL / 9RL / 11RL / 13RL / 15RL
Round Shaders(RS): 3RS / 5RS / 7RS / 9RS / 11RS / 13RS / 15RS
Single Stack Magnum(M1) : 5M1 / 7M1 / 9M1 / 11M1 / 13M1

Each Needles has expire date, when you see for example, 2019, you can expect it is 31/12/2019, Thanks for you supportsCE certificated, sterilized 316 surgical stainless steel needle tip
Individual packed, pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide (E.O.) gas for safe use
Shading and lining assortment; Round, Flat & Magnum groupings, altogether 200pcs, 10pcs each
Good for professional tattoo master or use on practice skin, each needle is for single use only
Aviod humidity and high temperature for storage

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