CiCy 60 Sheets Temporary Tattoo Stickers Various Designs Removable Waterproof Temporary Tattoos Body Art Sticker Sheet Paper ( Wings, Letters, Stars, Queen, Cats, Totem, Cardiogram hot Etc. )

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How To Use:
1. Cut out tattoo of choice and remove the transparent film.
2. Place tattoo face down on skin.
3. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or towel.
4. After 30-60 seconds, gently remove the back paper.
5. Allow tattoo to dry.

To Remove:
1.Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.
2.Wait for 10 seconds,then rub gently and repeatedly again until removed.

Perfect for all your summer activities – beach, pool, water park, gym, camping, hiking.
These gorgeous tattoos are 100% water resistant, sweat proof, and non-toxic. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them, but everyone else will notice!
Just cut, wet with a damp cloth, apply and peel off back. To remove, simply moisten with your favorite oil, wait a minute, then gently scrub off.

Package Included:
60 sheets Temporary Tattoos

If you have any question,please feel free to contact me,we will contact you at the first time.

We are committed to serving every customer!

Thank you very much for your buy Cicy products!Package include: 60 sheet of temporary tattoos.
Non-toxic and Safe. Extremely durable & Waterproof surface.
Easy to apply, just add water, transfer and remove without any glue.
Variety of designs and styles- use as kids tattoos and adult tattoos.
Decorate your life more beautiful. Fantastic value pack most popular design.

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