Coloring Book For Men: Tattoo Designs: Black Background

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Coloring Book For Men Featuring Tattoo Designs

Men get tattoos for reasons that are personal and meaningful. The designs of the tattoo can be inspired by nearly anything in life. This collection demonstrates many of the classic inspirations used in tattoo design for men. In tattoo design, meaning and imagery is everything.

The third eye of enlightenment, intuition, inner wisdom, and clairvoyance is a sought after design found in many tattoos around the world. Not only does the eye symbolize protection from evil influences, intuition, and healing, it also gives vision into the future for guidance and strength.

In this collection, you’ll find tattoos that include swords which symbolize authority and strength or even a cultural heritage. The snake and the sword demonstrate healing and rebirth or the life and death cycle. These classic designs are certain to inspire the most traditional of tattoo lovers as well as those who are exploring designs and choices when inking deeper meanings into the skin.

Coloring Pages For Men – Designs That Guys Will Love!

Tattoos are expression in the form of customized artwork and personal creation that will show the world who you are, what you believe in, and what you stand for. You’ll find this men’s coloring book collection of tattoos intriguing with its images of flying tigers, vicious snakes, thorny roses, a traditional cross, a seeing-eye butterfly, a winged hourglass, a majestic eagle, and more.

Included in this collection are owls that symbolize wisdom, discernment, and mystery. The symbols and the combinations are endless as are their meanings. Skulls with wings often stand for the start of a new life and the death of an old life. Make these tattoo designs your own and breathe new meaning into each one.

Showcase your creativity with the use of bright colors or dark shades to match whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Add your personal touch of color and distinction to these tattoo symbols to make them your own. The black background of these tattoo coloring pages makes the final product a personal masterpiece.

Any man who enjoys tattoo art will enjoy this collection. Give him new inspiration with this Coloring Book For Men: Tattoo Designs: Black Background and a license to create not only art but personal introspection through this project of coloring tattoo art. This tattoo coloring book for men makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for dads, sons, uncles, brothers, grandpas, or male friends!

Coloring Book for Men Tattoo Designs Black Background

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