Complete Tattoo Kit Machine Gun 11 Color (Double Black) Inks + Needles + Power Supply (T2)

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This is a Brand New Top Quality Customized Tattoo Kit, all items in package are selected base on suggestions of experienced artists. All basics you need to start your tattooing hobby are included. Tattoo needles are E.O. Gas sterilized. We using the 45 copper threads strand silicone insulated tattoo gun power cord which offer very good conductivity and flexibility.A 10 coil warps tattoo gun A314
An analog power supply with Foot Pedal and Clip Cord
A Standard size stainless steel handle, Two stainless steel round tips( for 3RL, 5RL needles), And 9 disposable tips
A pack of accessory with tools, rubber bands. 20 ink cups in 3 sizes, Tiger practice skin and a CD
5 of 3RL, 3RS, 5RL disposable tattoo needles. Iron sakura inks 1 Set of 11 Colors 5ml Base Inks,((Black X 2) Red. Brilliant Blue. White. Green.Golden.Dark Brown.Light Pink.Sky Blue.Royal Violet.)

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