Design Corral Wedding Tattoos Removable Metallic Gold Bachelorette Party Tattoos Tattoos for Women

July 16, 2016

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Perfect wedding tattoos for bride and bridesmaids. Premium gold foil temporary tattoo set for weddings and bachelorette parties. Printed in gold metallic foil.Wedding tattoos for the wedding party. Can also be used for bachelorette party favors. Removable gold foil wedding tattoos perfect for wedding parties, bachelorette parties and as bachelorette party favors or wedding favors. One sheet has 10 gold metallic tattoos that can be cut out and easily applied.
1 sheet of wedding tattoos or bachelorette party wedding tattoos also called gold temporary tattoos. Yields 10 individual tattoos when cut.
6 – “Bridesmaid” tattoos, 1 – “The Bride” tattoo, 1 – “XOXO” tattoo, 1 – Arrow LOVE tattoo and 1 “True Love” tattoo.
Design Corral tattoos are made in the USA, safe & non-toxic! Tattoos exceed all FDA & CPSC/CPSIA requirements.
Removable tattoo gold metallic wedding tattoos for women For ages 3+

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