Exotic Black Henna Tattoo Art

December 5, 2016

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This package includes a beautiful and exotic assortment Black Henna Tattoos These Tattoos look just like hand drawn hand-painted Henna art. 100% waterproof, will last for up to 5 days or longer, even while swimming & bathing. Easy to apply in only 10 seconds with water, easy to remove with rubbing alcohol. Safe for all skin types, premium quality, made in the USA. Temporary Tattoos will also apply to most other surfaces in addition to skin…clothing, glass, mirrors, walls, plastic and much more! This is a great gift item to spice up any special occasion!Premier quality. Made in the USA.
Includes a gorgeous assortment of Exotic Black Henna Tattoos.
100% waterproof and very long lasting…for up to 5 days, even while swimming & bathing
Easy to apply in just 10 seconds with water, easy to remove with rubbing alcohol
Will apply to almost any surface: clothing, mirrors, cups, glasses and more

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