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Halloween Body Art kit set includes a collection of 10 of the most popular Halloween tattoo stencils and 4 spectacular Halloween colors. It also includes 1 body adhesive and 1 cosmetic brush. If you planned on showing off on Halloween with a Vampire Bat, Devil Kid, Witch, Black Cat, Jack-O-Lantern, Skeleton Head, Fangs, Claws. Spider and BOO! – Then this kit is a must! The Halloween Body Art / Glitter tattoos kit is a unique temporary tattoo kit that lasts up to 5 days and is waterproof. The temporary tattoos are hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. Enjoy Halloween parties like never before with unique body art that can fit on your skin or on objects! The set also includes the following Glitter colors: Orange, Black, Red & White Glitter tattoo stencils are easily applied as they stick to the skin while you apply the body art glitter. Once the body art is ready, simply peel the stencils carefully and voila – you just created an amazing glitter tattoo! Includes the following: * 10 glitter tattoo stencils. * 4 cosmetic grade glitter colors: Orange, Black, Red & White * 1 body adhesive * 1 Cosmetic BrushHalloween glitter tattoo kit by GlitZGlam includes everything you need to create amazing temporary tattoos in the spirit of Halloween for children, teenagers and adults!
The body art kit features the most popular holiday designs (stencils) and spectacular cosmetic-grade glitter colors carefully selected for the holidays. It also includes 1 body adhesive and 1 brush.
This is a “Do it yourself” body art kit that is very easy to use and requires no artistic skills. The result is a professional-looking body art that lasts up to 5 days and is waterproof!
Glitter & Body Adhesive are hypoallergenic, dermatologists tested, safe for the skin and lasts up to 5 days (but can be easily removed with any oil-based lotion.)
HRIPT & CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified – in other words: very safe to use!

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