How to Draw Tattoos Book 2: Tattoo Designs Step by Step (A Drawing Guide for Tattoo Lovers) (Volume 2)

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A great tattoo starts with a great tattoo sketch. Whether you want to become the next big tattoo artist, want to perfect a tattoo design for yourself, or just like to create new and original tattoo art, How to Draw Tattoos Book is the book for you. Filled with fascinating historical background and designs that range from “old school” nautical motifs to tribal and Oriental styles, the book offers expert tips on creating professional tattoo flash of skulls, hearts, dragons, and other images. You’ll be drawing wonderful tattoos in no time! This Book Includes : Learn To Draw 8 Ball Tattoo Learn To Draw Bug Tattoo Learn To Draw Devil Tattoo Learn To Draw Gypsy Tattoo Learn To Draw Japanese Tattoo Learn To Draw Music Tattoo

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