ITATOO 9rl Tattoo Tubes 20pcs Disposable Tattoo Tubes 1″ Tattoo Grip and Tube for 8RL 8RS 9RL 9RS Tattoo Needles 9 Round Tip (N508-7-9RT)

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-Brand: ITATOO®
-Color: Black tattoo tube with black long tips
-Material: High quality soft rubber grip.The edges are smooth that can protect hands.
-Dimension: 25mm, 1 inch. Easily hold, and suitable for most of the people’s hands.
-Use: For one-time use only, more convenient than have to sterilize and clean the tubes.

-8RL, 9RL, 8RS, 9RS tattoo needles.
-Any tattoo machine.

Package includes:
-20 x pre sterilazed 9RT tattoo tubes with individual vacuum packing in a box neatly.

Professional ITATOO tattoo tubes, help you to finish a healthy and beautiful tattoo.

Soft rubber grip with long tip
Fit 8RL, 9RL, 8RS, 9RS tattoo needles.
20 X 9RT tattoo tubes
25mm, 1″ inch in diameter
For one-time use only

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