K-Pop Kawaii Classic Stripes Mock Knee High Tattoo Tights Stockings

January 25, 2017

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Flesh colored tights with classic stripes knee high sock effect in black. Like the idea of cute knee or thigh high socks but want the warmth and security of tights? Faux Knee high sock tights are the answer. These cute Harajuku style tights are just plain fun!

TQS is dedicated to provide great customer service along with high quality fashion jewelry and accessories at unbelievable prices. We want to be your personal one stop shop for fashion needs. Our hand selected assortment of high quality jewelry evokes a youthful, free spirited, bohemian, classic, trendy and eclectic edgy spirit. We want our customers to be able to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank. Each piece has received quality inspections to ensure they meet our high standards and are ready to impress.

Overall Length: 36.5”.
Waist length: 8”.
Straight crotch: 9”.
Socks tip: 0.85”.

Package Contains:
4pcs Pantyhose
Overall Length: 36.5”, Waist length: 8”, Straight crotch: 9”, Socks tip: 0.85”.
Kawaii classic stripes fake knee highs with the warmth and security of tights, featuring a gothic cross with a skull in the middle.
Ultimate cool weather accessory, featuring a cartoon print at the top right above your knee.
Flesh thighs and waist for a smooth no slip faux knee high style. Cute and sexy!
Full length tights that look like thigh-highs. Cute design on front, look like plain thigh-highs from the back.

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