Life Basis Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine Tattoo Kit Stencil Transfer Copier Printer Thermoprinter for Temporary and Permanent Tattoos with 10pcs Tattoo Thermal Paper(Silver, Update Version)

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More Feature:
Mirror: The key shifts between two kinds of light situation. Mirror Copy and Normal Copy. The default situation is Mirror Copy. When the mirror copy function starts, the mirror light works.
Error: The light is to show something wrong happened on the machine. When the TPH is Overheating, the light goes on.
Normal: The key shifts between two kinds of light situation. When the normal copy function starts, the normal light works.
Deepness 1: The key is to set the copied documents by Deepness 1. When the Deepness 1 works, the Deepness 2 goes off.
Deepness 2: The key is to set the copied documents by Deepness 2. When the Deepness 2 works, the Deepness 1 goes off.

Weight: 1.17Kg
Recording Mode: TPH
Scanning Mode: CIS
Effective Scanning Width: 210 mm
Document size: A5-A4
Document Type: Fine/Photo
Document Thickness: 0.06 mm-0.15mm
Power: AC 110V-220V; 50Hz/0.46A
Power Consumption: Standby 5W
Type: Life Basis Tattoo Paper Transfer Machine
Scanning Resolution: Horizontal: 8 dot / mm, Vertical(Standard)7.7 line/mm
Environment condition: Working Temperature: 5 – 35 Degree, Relative Humidity: 20%-80%
Package Size: 290 mm(W) x 280(D) x 80mm(H)

Package Includes:
1x Tattoo Transfer Copier Machine
1x English Instruction manual
1x Power Cable❤️Stop wasting time tracing designs and start saving money with a high quality thermal copier that wit
❤️Ideal for tattoo transfer paper and specifically for the tattoo artist
❤️Copied documents by types of deepness 1 and deepness 2 for fine line and heavy line
❤️Comes with 200 pictures and 10pcs stencil thermal transfer paper. We will send the download link througn e-mail after you order.
❤️Operation functions: mirror copy and normal copy with overheating warning

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