Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink – 41 Color Set – 1/2 oz

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Our authentic Millennium Colorworks (more commonly known as MOM’S) ink is perfect for your next tattoo. With high levels of pigment and a renowned reputation worldwide, MOM’S ink brings some of the best and safest ink to you. Its outstanding staying power means that you can be sure your next piece will look good for years to come. MOM’S inks are made entirely in the United States; nothing is imported! Forty-one 1/2 ounce bottles of MOM’s Tattoo Ink in the following colors: Chiarina’s Skin Tone, Piss Yellow, Danger Zone Orange, Viper Red, Power White, Kentucky Blue Grass, Marine Green, Indian Orange, Luscious Lavender, Burnt Out Orange, Mean Green, Green Gob, Snot Green, Blu Job, 1957 Chevy, Peachie Keen, Agent Orange, Black Cherry, Magic Magenta, Red Rum, Ole Blue Eyes, Tropical Teal, Mo’ Money Green, Grey Hound, Suede, Doo Doo Brown, Blue Balls, Pink Pussy Cat, Fleshy Flesh, Ecto-Plasmic Green, Ice Blue, Pretty Boy Blue, Brown Sugar, Forest Gump Green, Violent Violet, Purple Nurple, Marvelous Magenta, Monthly Red, 14kt Gold, Hello Yellow, and Black Onyx.Smooth: A homogenized carrier/pigment mixture that flows easily
Vibrant: Highest possible pure pigment content ensures your work stands out
Consistent: Receive the color and quality you expect, each and every time
Long-lasting: Reliable, rich tones made to remain long after application
Trusted: A time-tested favorite among tattoo professionals, made in the USA

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