Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Set C .5 Ounce 7 Bottle

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Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set “C” 1/2oz Bottles/ Seven Colors Experience in the Industry Millennium Mom’s has been making tattoo ink for over ten years, with a staying power that speaks for itself. In an industry that demands quality and consistency, this ink set has seven popular colors from Mom’s vast color catalogue of over 80 different options. Quality Ingredients for Quality Tattoos With a high concentrate of pigment, Mom’s ink is a versatile option for all tattooing styles. This allows you to have the best tattoo ink in your arsenal, giving your cleints the highest quality tattoo possible. Whether you choose grey wash ink, an outlining black ink, or color ink, your customers will receive right, colorful tattoos every time. High Standards for Consistently Good Ink Every bottle of tattoo ink made by Millennium Mom’s goes through a strict triple inspection process before shipping. Testing for flow rate, pigment life, and color consistency, this rigorous process has made Mom’s ink a staple in artist’s shops worldwide- including artists Brian Murphy of 3rd Dimension Tattoo, and Marcus Kuhn “The Gentleman Gypsy” of Just Good Tattoos in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Save on Money, Not on Quality Millennium Mom’s offers multiple tattoo ink kits that allow you to save money by buying your tattoo inks in groups rather than individually. This gives tattoo artists of all experience levels the ability to start up a collection or replenish diminishing stock as times goes on. Authentic Product, Guaranteed. When purchasing through Piercing Pros, you can be sure that you’re getting the real product and not a cheap imitation. Piercing Pros guarantees authenticity. Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set C Includes: Black Onyx Monthly Red Grey Hound Power White Blue Balls Ectoplasmic Green Hello YellowSEVEN POPULAR COLORS. This Millennium Mom’s tattoo ink set comes with seven 1/2oz bottles of popular colors, including: Black Onyx, Monthly Red, Grey Hound, Power White, Blue Balls, Ectoplasmic Green, and Hello Yellow.
QUALITY CONTROL. Each ink is triple-checked for pigment life, color consistency, and flow rate, ensuring every bottle passes Mom’s high standards before being shipped out. This ensures that all of Millennium Mom’s tattoo inks are consistent with every purchase, regardless if it’s black, colored, or white tattoo ink.
HIGH PIGMENT CONCENTRATION. Millennium Mom’s tattoo inks are made with a high concentration of pigment, giving your color tattoos a vibrant, rich look that is meant to hold long after healing. This diverse ink kit allows you to give your clients vibrant tattoos.
BOTTLES. A convenient twist-up cap on each bottle allows for effortless opening and closing, which ensures a smooth, easy pour and helps the bottle maintain spill resistance should it knocked over while the cap is open.
MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. Buying a tattoo ink kit is a great way to start your collection of pigments or restock your inventory as a seasoned professional. This package allows you, the artist, to save money as you receive more product for your money as opposed to higher priced individual bottles.

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