The Corkscrew Penis Plug


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This plug really looks like a The Corkscrew when you are pulling it out with the two handle bars are great finger grips to hang on to in order to get to work with your Corkscrew. Made of highly polished surgical steel this Corkscrew Penis Plug is 4 long with 3 1/2 of insertable plug. The plug is 8mm at the widest point offering an in and out approach from 8mm to 4mm and back to 8mm. Move it slow or fast it will not matter with the Corkscrew either way you will get the job done. The Toys listed on our site are for use by consenting adults only as either a Novelty Items Fashion Accessories or Sexual Toys. We assume no responsibility for Unsafe Improper or Illegal use of these items. Please be Safe Consensual and always use Common Sense!