Professional Tattoo Motor Machine, Bolayu Body Art Rotary GunLinner Shader Equipment (Gold)

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Highest efficiency

Low inductance

No magnetic cogging, High acceleration from low mass inertia

Low electromagnetic interference

Linear characteristics

High reliability

Be used as a liner or shader.


Material: alloy

Package content: 1PC Tattoo machineExcellent volume/performance ratio.
Robust bearings, durable parts made to last.
Mechanical commutation graphite (or precious metal brushes).
It has been design with the tattoo artists in mind and compliments the light weight feel with an ergonomic design to allow long periods of tattooing.
The new rotary Tattoo Machine style is a high quality lightweight rotary machine with slider adjusting system from hard to soft hitting On-the-Fly. It is extremely quiet when running and accepts all standard grips, tubes, needles and power supplies with a clipcord.

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