Redscorpion Rotary Tattoo Cartridge Machine Gun Japan Motor with Adjustable Tattoo Grip(green)

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Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine Gun
.Frame Material:Aluminium Alloy
.Working Voltage:5-7V
.Engine is of Japan Technology
.Stroke Length:3.5mm

Package:one Rotary Machine+ one plastic adjustable Cartridge Tattoo Grip+one DC Clip CordRotary Tattoo Machine Frame Adopts Aluminum Alloy as Material,Carved Precision Machining of CNC,to Ensure Consistent Accuracy of each Component.The Appearance of Anodized Surface Makes it More Beautiful and Colorful
Rotary Tattoo Gun Engine Adopts Japan Technology,with Low Energy Consumption But More Power
Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Gun Length of the stroke: 3.5 mm. Long-lasting stability. Low noise
Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine Operating voltage:5-7V DC
Tattoo Rotary Machine Working Uniform Speed,Smooth Lines,Being Easy to Color,Reducing Damage of Skin

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