Rehab Ink Professional Tattoo Kit w/ 3 Ink Colors, Skull Ink Holder, 2 Machines, Power Supply & More

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This professional-grade, complete tattoo kit contains all of the following premium components: one tuned-coil tattoo machine with 4 resin washers for adjustment (machine is designed for use as a liner and shader); one rotary motor tattoo machine (color may vary); one dual-machine power supply unit with grounded power cord; 3 bottles of Mom’s tattoo ink (ink is made in the USA), assorted colors, 1/2 ounce each; stainless foot pedal switch with 2 machine clip cords; skull-shaped ink cap holder with lid; 500 small-size ink caps; 100 medium-size ink caps; 25 large-size ink caps; stainless-steel machine grip with back-stem; set of 7, multi-color, alloy machine grips; 50 tattoo needles, pre-made on stainless steel bars, assorted sizes, all with Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas indicating dot showing proof of needle sterilization; 5 combo tattoo needles with tubes and silicone gel grips, assorted sizes; 28 plastic tube tips; 6 surgical stainless steel tube tips; aluminum spray bottle; triplet loupe for needle inspection; 3 full sheets of multi-ply, spirit transfer paper; dual-tip, surgical skin marking pen; 100 tattoo-machine rubber bands; 100 tattoo-machine needle grommets; 50 tattoo-machine spring o-rings; 5 pair of tattooing gloves; reusable practicing skin; 8 disposable site preparation razors; cleaning brush set; 3 packages of aftercare ointment and a tattoo machine adjustment toolset. Kit does not contain instructions however there are numerous generic videos online showing how to use kit components.Complete tattoo equipment and supply set
1 tuned-coil machine & 1 rotary motor machine
Dual-output power supply w/foot pedal
3 bottles of MOM’S tattoo ink
Skull-shaped ink cap holder

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