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October 20, 2016

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Words & Numbers Tattoo contains a myriad of ideas for creating and customising your own written tattoo: 11 alphabets, 7 sets of numbers and 273 designs with letters, lucky numbers and examples for tattooing an important date.

Each alphabet and every set of numbers is drawn in a particular style, inspired by a distinct theme and idea about how to personalise the individual letters or numerals and therefore all the combinations they can form.

All the letters are combined, linked and developed together in such a way as to create an original tattooed word every time, always amazing and above all unique!

Words & Numbers Tattoo has been designed entirely by Ueo Tattoo, a highly talented Italian tattooist who started out as a graffiti artist and later channelled his creative energy into tattooing.

ideas for personalising your worded tattoo!

11 alphabets, 7 sets of numbers, 273 words, phrases, names and initials
64 pp., 21×28 cm, b/w, flashes by Ueo Tattoo
Tattoo Flash Book
Schripts and Numbers
64 pages / 11 alphabets, 7 sets of numbers
273 words, phrases, names and initials

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