Shark Pro Tattoo Kit 2 Machines Gun Carry Case With Key Power Supply Needles 8 Grips Tips

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SHARK TATTOO is a professional tattoo machine supplier. We have been supplying large quantities of tattoo products to overseas since 2005 and we have owned great reputation among our customers. The reason why we called SHARK TATTOO is that shark’s speed is fast. Based on our own professional tattoo factory, Shark Tattoo devotes to making high quality machines to save your time in tattooing. Our fast high quality service with professional advice also saves your time in comparing.
All our tattoo kits have been tested strictly before packaging, so there is no need to worry about a series of product defects. We will always provide you with our professional advice, as well as satisfactory & fast customer service.

Item included as below:
1. 2pcs Top quality professional tattoo machines// Working voltage:7V-10V, Frequency:120-150HZ
2. 1pcs LCD power supply´╝îcome with power plug// Built-in short-circuit protection and leakage protection make it safer and steadier
3. 1 Set of stainless steel foot pedal and clip cord
4. 50pcs Sterile tattoo needles(3&5&7&9RL,3&5&7RS,5&7&9M1)X5
5. 2pcs Colorful alloy & 2 pcs steel tattoo machine grips
6. 1 Set of Stainless steel tips for practice (3&5&7&9rt,3&5&7&9ft)
7. 1 Set of Disposable tattoo tips(3rt)X50
8. 100pcs Ink cups(medium,small)X50
9. 1pcs Stainless steel ink cup holder
10. 2 Set of adjust tools and other attachments,50 Grommets, 50 O-rings, 50 Tattoo-machine rubber bands
11. 2pcs Tattoo practice skin
12. 2pcs Transfer paper
13. 1 Pair of disposable glove
14. 1 Set of tip cleaning brush(5pcs per set)
15. 1pcs Operation manual
16. 1pcs DVD// Professional presentation, various reference designs
17. 1pcs Tattoo carry case
FCC Certified Professional tattoo kit, including all accessories like pictures show except tattoo ink
High Quality LCD digital tattoo power supply system with 63inch length clip cord wire flexible to use
2 Top quality professional tattoo machines for both shader and liner -10 copper coils
If you have any question about product or tattoo, let us know. We will help you with our professional knowledge
Quality Guarantee: We commit from the original date of purchase, One Year Warranty for Power Supple and Tattoo Machine. A replacement for any defective part will be supplied FREE of charge

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