StarBrite Colors Tattoo Ink – 7 Color Starter Set – 1/2 oz

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StarBrite Colors 7 Color Set 1/2oz Bottle This pack of 7 colors from StarBrite Colors tattoo ink is a wonderful addition to any professional tattoo artists already extensive collection, or as a great starting off point for the apprentice looking to build up their inks. As with all StarBrite Colors inks, these are made in sterile rooms and all inks are made to meet the standards and regulations of the FDA, making sure the ink you receive is as safe as possible for use. Also with all StarBrite Colors products, you can be sure this product is made in the United State, supporting local businesses within America. Features: Includes: Brite White, Country blue, Jet Black Outliner, Canary Yellow, Tribal Black, Crimson Red and Lime Green Non-Toxic Water Base. Sterilized to FDA Standards. Made in USA. Over 20 years in the tattoo ink industry.Made in the USA
Sterilized for Safety

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