Super Cool Love Skull Tattoo Print Leggings (One Size (S/M), Tattoo Design)

June 16, 2017

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These sexy Women’s tights with that iconic skull tattoo Love design. So hip and edgy, everyone will want to be cool just like you! These gorgeous leggings start ed our entire passion for bringing the best designs we could find in Los Angeles to our fans around the world. Hardy a day goes by that we don’t see this item flying off our shelves to lucky ladies around the USA. NOTE: Because this is a handmade item the exact placement of the design will completely vary from pair to pair – guaranteeing you’ll catch eyes wherever you go looking your absolute best. This is one of our top best-selling items and we know you’ll absolutely adore them! Get two pairs!!Flexible, stretchy spandex tights for ladies with slender legs
Height: approx. 35
Waist Size: approx. 20
Machine wash cold. Dry flat and if necessary cool iron quickly.

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