Tatoo Images: ART TATTOO Black and Gray II.: Paintings. Designs. Sketches (Planet tattoo Book 11)

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This second volume of Paintings, Drawings and Sketches in Black & Gray incorporates new and talented artists including the artworks of 37 worldwide tattooists.
The book is divided in 3 sections: Black & Grey, Color and Sketches, with a total of 122 images. Once again we decided to include the color section inside a Black & Gray book, using the same concepts that lead us to do it the last time. Many of the artworks included in this section contains some details with a specific color, this give them an excellent final result.
Also, there are some artworks that are 100% colored with very used thematic in this genre and that can be taken to the field of Black & Gray. The artworks in each section are divided by artist, this way you can consult the content in an easier way through the content index, which is included in the book. All the artworks are in full page and high resolution, so all of them look like the original.
A really interesting feature about this Black & Gray book is the variety of styles and thematic that can be represented. This cover all the areas, but surely, the most related styles to this genre are: terror, Chicano, realism and fantasy. Anyways, in the book can be found a lot of other oriental, Biomechanical and New School artworks.
The main objectives of this book is to diffuse the art works of this excellent artists, give a tool to help the professional tattooists to begin with a new tattoo or painting and making the choice easier for the tattoo lovers with great designs.
We want to thank the artists that sent us all of their artworks to be included in this wonderful compilation of tattoo art. The artists included are:
Aaron Ruby – Alejandro Fernández – TulioNavia – Alex Gotza – Chancy – CristianBenvenuto -Deepak Siamese VI – Dimitri HK – Éric De L’Étoile – EzequielSamuraii – Fat – Fernando de Paiva (Travis) – Fonzy – Franko Anglas – Guillermo Pokaluk – Jack Ribeiro – Jason Butcher – Jay Wheeler – Kore Flatmo – Kostas Tzikalagia – LéoLavatori – Marcio Lemes – Martín Aguaisol (Deep) – Mason Williams – Máximo Lutz – Mike Dorsey – Rodrigo Peña – SantyBarada -Tony Mancia – UEO – ZsoltSárközi – Florian Karg – Henry Anglas – Javier Obregón – Leo Forte – Cori – Henry Anglas – Javier Obregón – Wally Velázquez

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