Tattoo Coloring Book 2: Exciting Pictures from the World of Body Art (Chartwell Coloring Books)

September 9, 2016

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Calling hipsters, artists, and coloring fanatics of all ages: get creative and make the tattoo designs in this beautiful coloring book take shape and come to life by adding your own color and detail. Use colored pencils and the imaginative outlines in this book to produce your own cool works of body art featuring classic and innovative tattoo designs. Tattoo Coloring Book 2 is a fun book that will allow anyone to explore the exciting world of tattoos… without actually having to get a permanent one!

Each delightful design is guaranteed to bring out your creative instincts, enabling you to complete it with colors, patterns, and artistic mediums of your choosing. Try out colored pencils, crayons or even watercolors when filling in the designs of Tattoo Coloring Book 2. By the time you get to the end of Tattoo Coloring Book 2 you will have a gallery of personalized pictures that you will be proud to call your own. This collection will open your eyes to a whole new category of art and illustration you may not have even considered “art” before. Also check out the other volumes in this gorgeous coloring book series, featuring fairies, victoriana patterns, flowers, fractals, stained glass, and impressionist artwork.

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