Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

July 9, 2017

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Tattoos, from simple symbols to complex patterns, have been a feature of most cultures since the beginning of time. While tattoos were traditionally part of an ingenious rite de passage within a particular culture, tattoos are also a sign of kingship and rank, as symbols of spiritual and religious devotion, a sign of courage and bravery in battle, served as a sexual attraction Love, as punishment, as amulets and talismans for the protection and brand of slaves, deportees and criminals.
Many tattoo designs are symbols potent with meaning, and in all previous reasons for tattooed, there are hundreds of popular tattoo designs. Are you looking for a body art design that speaks to you? These tattoo symbols provide some great tattoo ideas for girls looking for the perfect butterfly. Or spiritual tattoo ideas for women a milestone, and great tattoo ideas for men who want to find a tribal tattoo that reflects their inner warrior.

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