Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit Version XL New Formula

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The Tattoo Goo XL aftercare kit is for the complete aftercare and perpetual care of your tattoos The kit contains one each: 1) Tattoo Goo salve 3/4 oz. tin. 2) Tattoo Goo Mini Travel salve 1/3oz. tin 3) Tattoo Goo deep cleansing soap (2oz) for immediate healing. 4) Tattoo Goo quick penetrating lotion (2oz) for moisturizing and enhancement. 5) Tattoo Goo Renew fade protection SPF-30 for outdoor and tanning protection. Great for gift giving or for those who want a one stop solution to tattoo aftercare. Packaging meets California prop 65 requirements.1pc Tattoo Goo Salve (3/4oz tin)
1pc Mini Travel Tattoo Goo Salve (1/3oz tin)
1pc Tattoo Goo Lotion (2oz)
1pc Tattoo Goo Soap (2oz)
1pc Tattoo Goo Renew SPF 30 (2oz)

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