Tattoo: How to do it the Right Way: (tattoo lining, Tattoo stencils, Tattoo aftercare, tattoo troubleshooting)

January 2, 2017

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Tattoo an art that is timeless has taken the country by storm. What used to be for the criminal the outcast and the punks, has now joined the mainstream. Learn the art. Read a book that takes you through the art of becoming an artist. Understand if this is the career you chose before you read the next book securing an apprenticeship and the last in the series Opening your Tattoo shop. Learn how to line and shade and color. Create and place stencils, stretch skin, fine line tattoo, high define, grayscale, aftercare, troubleshoot, sterilize and clean and how to keep a customer safe in the chair. A must read for the newcomer in th efield.

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