Tattoo Images: ART TATTOO Black and Grey III: 120 Designs, paintings, drawings and sketches (Planet Tattoo)

July 5, 2016

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122 Paintings, Drawings and Sketches with the aesthetics of Black & Grey

This third volume of Paintings, Drawings and Black & Grey Sketches includes new and talented artists, presenting the works of 48 artists from around the world. The book is divided into 3 sections: Color, Black & Grey and Sketches, adding a total of 122 images.

Again, we have decided to include the color section inside a book of Black & Grey, utilizing the same concept that carried us to do it in the previous volumes, since many of the works included in this section contain details with some particular color characteristic that are utilized in this type of works and they give it an excellent final touch. But, also you will be able to see works that are 100% in color, which are a subject matter very much used in this kind and that can be carried over to the field of the Black & Grey perfectly.

The works, in each section, are divided by artists, being indicated the name of each one of them- All the works are found in a complete page and in high resolution, with high-quality images, trying to be more faithful to the original.

A very interesting part that the book has of Black & Grey, is the quantity of styles and themes that can be represented in this style, the ones that cover all the areas, but the most related styles to this kind are the terror, chicano, realism, surrealism, biomechanics and fantasy.

Also you will be able to observe an enormous wealth in the variety of techniques expressed in the different works. One of the more applied techniques in this book is the drawing by means of digital tools that achieve a new aesthetic in the designs in the world of the tattoo.

The main objective of this book is to diffuse the work of these excellent artists, to give a tool of work to the professionals in the process of creation of a new tattooing or painting and to be able to facilitate to all the lovers of the tattoo the election of designs. The artists included in this book are:

Aaron Ruby – Aivars Liepa – Alex Gotza – Alexander Yanitskiy – Andy Engel – Antonio Macko Todisco – Augis – Bali Révai – Ben Corn – Ben Hamill – Camilo Tuero – Chancy Gärtner – Eric Of L’ Étoile – Ezequiel Samuraii – Fat – Fernando of Paiva – Henry Anglo – Jack Ribeiro – Jamie Henderson – Jay Wheeler – Krazy-K – to Lasso Borišev – Marcio Lemes – Martin Deep – Mason Williams – Matteo Pasqualin – Michael Kozlenko – Gawkowski – Piotr Cwiek Roman Warwink – Timur Lysenko – you Take Vaitkunas – Tony Mancia – Toxyc Xlr – Zsolt Sarkozy – Aivars Liepa – Alfonso Devil – Cristian Benvenuto – Mr. McDonald – Florian Karg – Fonzy – Guil Zekri – Henry Anglo – Jason – Butcher – Javier Obregón – I Read Forte – Gawkowski – Piotr Cwiek – Timur Lysenko – Wiliam Nascimento – Cristian Benvenuto – Didier Ra – Marinho Pigatto – Maximum Lutz – Wiliam Nascimento – Zsolt Sarkozy

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