Tattoo Stencil (10 Sheet) Henna Designs Temporary Tattoo / Self-Adhesive – Template

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INSTRUCTIONS 1. Carefully remove white backing paper from stencil 2. Apply stencil to skin, adhesive side down 3. Slowly peel back clear protective sheet 4. Apply henna body paint to skin showing through the stencil 5. Let dry according to paint instructions 6. Once henna is completely dry, rub off excess paint and remove stencil. 7. If done with care. Add glitter or other colors with a paintbrush for a special effect. Not for use on sensitive skin around eyes or lips, or with young children.SHIPS FROM USA stunning collection contains 10 high-quality self-adhesive stencil, each measures approximately 7,5 x 3,5 inches /sheet
Suitable for henna tattoo, glitter tattoo, air brush tattoo. Safe and non-toxic – USA Quality Standard
Easy to read instructions are included. Great for beginners.
Tattoo stencil to suit your every mood, you’ll find feathers, flowers, roses, bird tattoos and beautiful mehndi designs.
Perfect for any events such as wedding, birthday party, concert, night out or simply to experience exotic and eye-catching piece of henna body art! The stencils ship fast and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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