Tattoo Stencil / Template 8 Sheet Set US1 Pretty New Designs Suitable for Hand

June 4, 2017

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The henna tattoo stencils are self-adhesive and are suitable for Henna Tattoo, Glitter Tattoo and Air Brush Tattoo. USA quality standard. Size: 8 x 4 inches /sheet8 Sheets. The tattoo stencils are self-adhesive. They are easy to apply and suitable for beginners.
You may use the stencils also for Glitter Tattoo and Air Brush Tattoo.
You can cut the stencil into small parts to apply on your skin. Please follow the instructions.
The template consists of three layers – backing white paper, self-adhesive stencil and film support.
USA Quality Standard. Size: 8 x 4 inches /sheet

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