Yeeech Temporary Tattoo Sticker Skull Tribel Series Old Traditional Design

January 15, 2017

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What bothered tattoo enthusiasts or art purchaser most is the tattoo design pattern. It is impossible for one tattoo pattern to be loved by all or be popular forever while tattoo is a timeless fashion trend. However, on a certain time, tattoo pattern is a true reflection of what individuals are going through and become a real sense of eternal tattoo for them. Yeeech Skull Reborn Series with main skull pattern design represents both death and reborn. Skull as a power to start a new life to make change become more and more popular among the world. Especially for couple skull pattern tattoo, which means forever being together no matter live or dead. Tips: Tattoo can be lasts for 3-7 days normally if you transferred correctly. However, dry skin lasts short. We offer different types of temporary tattoo paper for men women and couple. There are lovely, fashion, cool, sex, hot, elegant and wild designs type for different occasion of wedding, party, school, holiday, photograph, nightclub and beach. Yeeech tattoo undergo a regorous selection, test, produce and package. Products passed a number of sensitive skin test. However, does not mean that it will not cause allergic reaction for all. If you feel discomfort after use, we recommend that you stop using or consult a doctor.Skull means dead also represents new born. It is symbol of power to make change.
Lasts 3-7 Days
with environmental and health material for produce
Fashion Trend

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